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At Sports Travel Academy, The World is Your Classroom!

Our 1st Choice in Study Abroad

Craig and Sports Travel Academy has done a fantastic job for Texas A&M and our students.  My class, Olympic Studies, which is in our Sport Management Division, has had several unbelievable trips to Greece.  When we arrive in Greece, I have very little decision making to do; and, I enjoy the trip just as much as the students.  The days are filled with education, exploration, culture, and pleasure.  Transportation and accommodations are perfect with no worries.   Returning home and wrapping up with our students is both sad (because the course is over) and enriching.  It is common for them to thank me and tell me how the trip was life changing.  The majority of the work is done by Craig and Sport Travel Academy.  I won’t do a study abroad program without them!

---Dr. Paul Keiper, Texas A&M University

A Detail-Oriented Tour Provider
Sports Travel Academy has provided many students with a great opportunity to learn and grow. I’m always impressed with how much students can gain by traveling abroad. The world is truly a classroom, and students take more away from a study abroad trip than just an understanding of another culture. Not only are they better prepared to compete and succeed in a global economy, but they walk away with wonderful memories, greater self-awareness, and friendships that will serve them well beyond graduation.
Craig Douglass is a detail orientated study abroad program provider, who takes what could be stressful travel logistics and turns them into a seamless and enjoyable tour for students and faculty. His creative thinking and easy-going nature also provide out of the box and off the beaten path travel experiences, most others miss out on.
---Dr. Stacy Warner – East Carolina University

A Strong Academic Experience

At the absolute majority of the sites we visited in Australia students had the fantastic opportunity to meet with professionals working in the Sport industry. There were also multiple presentations at universities conducted by very well respected professors on a range of Sport, History & Culture topics. Check out the Sports Travel Academy proposal closely! This is a legit academic experience and there is also plenty of included tourism and sufficient time for students to have some fun during their free time! 
---Rick Burton: Syracuse University (David B. Falk Distinguished Professor of Sport Management in the Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics and the University’s Faculty Athletic Representative to the NCAA and ACC)

Amazing experience!
I was put in touch with Craig and Sports Travel Academy by a fellow ATC who had contacted him about a trip their institution was considering. I know I had received emails about his academy before but never really investigated it. After having worked with Craig this past January, I can emphatically say that it was one of the best decisions I could have made for my institutions travel abroad experience. His attention to detail and willingness to work with us on our specific needs was unparalleled. He provided suggestions throughout the process and help us plan the best educational experience possible for our students. Our students were given many opportunities to connect with professionals in both Ireland and England and they loved the “hands on” experiential learning components throughout. His contacts and connections provided our students with a far better experience than we would have been able to provide on our own. Craig was also there during our trip and was readily available for anything that came up and to make adjustments as needed. As the faculty member in charge of the class, Craig took all the worries out which allowed us to enjoy the trip as much as the students did. Craig did such a good job with our trip that I have now highly recommended him to our Global Education Office as well as other faculty members on our campus. I will definitely use Craig and Sports Travel Academy for our next study abroad experience!
---Kathy Taylor Remsburg, Franklin College Undergraduate Athletic Training Program Director

A+ rating from every aspect
The trip we took to Ireland and London was one of the best I have ever been a part of at this point in my career. The mentorship we obtained from the director, Craig, was phenomenal. Craig was knowledgeable on culture, history, sites, etc for every venue and country we visited. His upbeat attitude and personality spread like wild fire through our students and they loved him. He made sure we had the best tour guides and chances to see multiple venues. The lecture based material he put in place was fantastic for my students to learn about international sports medicine and how culture and history plays a role in that area. The entire trip was so memorable that we are already looking and talking about 2017 and it will definitely be with Craig and the Sports Travel Academy. I would end this testimonial by saying it was a great experience and Craig’s company is one in a million and would earn an A+ rating from Manchester University.

---Jeff Beer MA, LAT, ATC, CEAS - Manchester University Director of Athletic Training & Assoc Prof of Exercise & Sport Sciences

Very Knowledgeable and a Great Blend of Culture & Sport

Working with Craig and the Sport Travel Academy was a great experience for our study abroad to Ireland, Netherlands, and Germany. From the very beginning, Craig provided us with guidance and support as we organized the trip. His knowledge of the different countries ensured we were going to have a great experience. In each country, the students experienced a blend of both culture and sport, which really enhanced their learning and appreciation for sport abroad. We were also provided with very knowledgeable guides who not only kept us on schedule, but also enhanced the learning experience and provided local insights for us to enjoy. The highlights in each country were the ability to participate in the local sports, and meeting with various sport organizations, which the students truly enjoyed. I would recommend working with Craig to anyone who has an interest in leading a study abroad experience, and personally, look forward to working with him again.

---Thomas Aicher, Ph.D., Associate Professor & Program Coordinator, Sport Administration Program, University of Cincinnati 

Worry-free and Smooth from Start to Finish
Craig and the Sports Travel Academy did a marvelous job coordinating our 3 week study abroad experience in Ireland.  As a first time faculty leader, planning and coordinating this kind of trip can be both worrisome and challenging—booking flights and other excursions, coordinating schedules, arranging local guides and working with a local university are just a few of the things that need to be considered.  However, Craig took care of all these concerns.  We initially chatted about what I wanted the students to accomplish and he took it from there.  He created a travel prospectus for my review and was very amenable to modifying it as needed.  Once it was approved, he took care of all the logistics of the trip.  His expertise made this entire process so much simpler than if I had tried to do it on my own.  I didn’t need to worry about any of the trip details—I could focus on the students and not on the travel details.  Once in Ireland, the trip went very smoothly and the resulting experience was fabulous.  Every one of the 16 students who went gave the trip an enthusiastically positive review.  Without question, I will be working with Sports Travel Academy for our future study abroad experiences.
--- Warren Franke, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Kinesiology, Iowa State University

A Great Experience All-Around!
In 2015 our sport management program traveled with Craig to Ireland and England. This was a fabulous experience for both students and for me. Craig is a thoughtful planner, experienced guide, and very attuned to providing both the sport management content and cultural experience for his groups. As a faculty member I appreciated the way Craig interacted with students and myself. Especially for students with little travel experience, he was able to provide advice, reassurance, and tips to create a positive trip. Also, his professional connections provided an outstanding learning experience for everyone in our group. Our program is already excitedly planning the next trip. I fully endorse Craig Douglass and the Sports Travel Academy!

---Dr Ryan Hedstrom, Manchester University Sport Management

Study Abroad at its Best!
Our experience with Sports Travel Academy was outstanding. Craig and his team have the knowledge and professional network to provide exceptional academic, cultural and historical content. The lectures we attended were given by well-respected international faculty, whose reputation and knowledge of the discipline was only exceeded by their captivating lecture skills. The cultural and historical tours were led by experts in their fields as well. Our students were truly given the opportunity to connect with the people and professionals of Ireland and loved the “hands on”, experiential learning components (learning Gaelic Sports and visiting outstanding Sport Venues). Sports Travel Academy truly provides a level of service that few travel organizations can. I look forward to our next study abroad experience with Craig and Sports Travel Academy.
---Neil Marrin, Faculty, James Madison University

Exceptional from start to finish
My experiences with Craig and Sports Travel Academy have been exceptional! I began discussing my first trip with Craig over a year in advance. Throughout the process Craig was wonderful with giving numerous suggestions, providing sample itineraries and personal perspectives as well as creating a fair cost for the trip. He tailored the program to meet my specific goals and need for academic content set for the sports medicine students I was educating. He was a pleasure to work with on planning the program and traveling as well. Craig joined us on our trip and was readily available for changes, additions or trouble shooting during the entire time. I am now in the midst of planning my second study abroad trip with him and his company. He is always willing to do his best to meet the demands of my educational programs. I appreciate his honestly, fairness, and ability to be flexible. I have explored several other study abroad companies and by far, Craig and Sports Travel Academy is the best to work with. I recommend anyone to work with him and his company on a study abroad trip- you will definitely be pleased!
---Jen Walker, Faculty, Wilmington College

Truly Committed to Experiential Education! 

Our Sport Management and Athletic Training Programs most recently traveled to Dublin and London in December 2015. This was the second time that we have traveled with The Sport travel Academy and could not be more pleased with the results.  Craig went out of his way to ensure that the students and faculty got the the most out of each and every experience during their time abroad.  He made a genuine effort to interact with the students and participate in their learning.  During our daily travels he would accompany the group and provide details about the history and culture of the cities and make himself available to answer questions.  His knowledge of the region and detail-oriented approach made navigating the unfamiliar cities worry-free and allowed the students and faculty to focus on the educational experiences. The week we returned from this trip we began working with Sport Travel Academy planning our next one!  They provided our students a great opportunity to gain a global perspective of the sport industry and are truly committed to experiential education.  I make no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone planning to arrange a study abroad course.  
---Dr Dan Mahoney, Faculty, Culver-Stockton College

Professionalism at its best

I have worked with Sports Travel Academy for two years now on two different trips (Ireland/Germany/Netherlands & Greece/Italy).  Each experience was phenomenal for all involved.  Craig provides support for faculty from the very beginning of the proposal process to the last day of the trip.  His level of professionalism and attention to detail allows students and faculty to experience a stress free trip and focus on the educational and cultural teaching and learning components. This past year Craig worked with us specifically to tailor a trip for a group of student-athletes.  This was specifically special as this population cannot often go abroad with the timeline and length of other faculty led trips. Sports Travel Academy is committed to providing a quality academic experience in the Global Influence of Sport and Recreation. I look forward to planning another travel abroad with the Sports Travel Academy.

---Dr Kristina Navarro, PhD, CSCS, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

A Wealth of Knowledge and Insight
We recently completed our second travel study program with Sports Travel Academy and will continue the relationship, hopefully well into the future. The planning is virtually taken care of for you. Craig will work with you to meet and exceed the needs of your program and students. When I started this process I really had no idea what I was doing and what to expect in terms of travel study. Craig led me through the process, assured me along the way, and communicated in a very comforting and timely fashion. Both programs have been amazing experiences for both my students and myself. We have been fortunate to have Craig travel with us both times as well. He interjects himself into the program in such a way that he almost becomes an additional course instructor. He has a wealth of knowledge and insight about the sites that we visit and does a great job of advising students in being proper world travelers. 

Our institution requires all students to take what we term a "Multidisciplinary Seminar". I originally started planning our first program with a heavy sports medicine emphasis but quickly found out that we wouldn't attract the number of students needed to fill the course. After a good conversation with Craig, the idea of a "Sport, History and Culture of Ireland" course was born and quickly filled. We are now planning a similar program for Greece and Rome. I think this is about as good of an example I can think of to demonstrate how willing Sports Travel Academy is to work with you to help meet your needs. 

I would highly recommend that anyone looking at study abroad options contact Sports Travel Academy and give Craig a chance to put something together for you. I couldn't be happier with our programs and as I said earlier, we will continue to use them well into the future! 
---Rob Carmichael, MA, ATC, Culver-Stockton College 

World Class Expertise & Service Quality! 
Craig Douglass of Sports Travel Academy is an excellent full travel service provided for educational programming in sport business and related subjects. His expertise and service orientation to develop student and professional programs to help enhance the theoretical foundations and practical applications of sport and tourism industry-related activities on a global level is outstanding.  

Craig was in charge of my first summer international study tour for my students at Saint Leo University. We originally scheduled to do our own trip, but when it was apparent that we would not meet the minimum number of students required, I feared the trip might be cancel. Instead, Craig found us a partner University to travel with, and the three week educational and social trip to Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, and Cairns went off without a hitch, and my students received a priceless theoretical and experiential learning opportunity that enhanced their understanding of sport in a culture outside the United States.  Craig's quality of service, personable attitude, expertise in the travel industry, contacts around the world, and high integrity, make him an excellent person to do business with.

---Dr. Eric Schwarz 
Professor; Academic Administrator; Sport Marketing and Facility/Event Mgt Consultant; Author and Conference Presenter;
Former President of Sport Marketing Association (SMA); Currently at Victoria University, Australia

Rewarding Study Abroad Experience on many levels!
In Summer 2010 whilst at Wingate University, NC  doing my undergrad I went on the Australian Sport Management study abroad trip with Sports Travel Academy. Our Program Director was Craig Douglass and he organized and planned the entire trip. Our experience in Australia was both memorable and educating, as Craig had the contacts to set up meetings and back of the house tours with some of the country's most prominent sport organizations. Craig is also a proud Aussie and introduced us to Australia's unique culture whenever appropriate. Craig's knowledge of the international sport landscape and helps make Sports Travel Academy a great organization to Study Abroad with.

My wonderful experience on that Australia Study Abroad program helped spark my interest in pursuing my Masters Degree at the Germany Sports University in Cologne, Germany. During my time abroad in Germany I have also enjoyed working part-time with Sports Travel Academy over the last 2 summers in helping as a guide with their European groups. It's been absolutely rewarding to be a part of the Study Abroad experience both as a student and a leader.

---Timothy Elliott, Masters Student at Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln, Germany

Exceptional Student Development!
"The opportunity to be a part of college students' global study is an extraordinary experience. It is a time to watch students explore and investigate as well as facilitate discussion about their values and beliefs about the world. Sports Travel Academy provides an exceptional study abroad program for students to be immersed in educational and cultural experiences. Students have the opportunity to develop global perspectives about the sport industry as well as learn about the country's culture. Making these opportunities an added value to develop our students into future leaders of the sport industry."
---Dr. Cara McFadden - James Madison University Sport Management

Impressive & Well-rounded

During the summer of 2014, I accompanied students from our Sport Administration Program on a Sports Travel Academy study abroad trip to Europe. I could not have been more impressed with the itinerary arranged by Craig Douglass. It was a perfect blend of academics, tours, and cultural activities in all three countries-Ireland, Netherlands, and Germany. I would highly recommend Sports Travel Academy to any sport management faculty considering study abroad for students.
---Professor Robert Brinkmeyer, University of Cincinnati

The perfect combination of education and adventure
During the summer of 2011 I traveled to Australia with Craig through the Sports Travel Academy. Craig's constant attention to detail was very apparent. He proved to be not only knowledgeable about sport in Australia but also about the best options for shopping, dining, and touring all the country. His familiarity with the many and varied sport venues contributed greatly to the educational experience. Craig introduced our group to many professionals in the sport industry while making us feel welcome in his native land. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend the Sports Travel Academy and the personal touch Craig provides.
---Dr. Kim Stroudt -- Alvernia University ATEP Program Director

Craig Douglass of Sports Travel Academy is simply sensational!
I went on a European (Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy) study abroad with Sports Travel Academy in June 2011. The program focused on sport business and the differences between the European and North American models. Craig does a great job of giving students on his trip advice when asked, but he takes a backseat approach to prepare students for traveling overseas without a guide. Going to Europe with Sports Travel Academy was such a life changing experience personally and professionally. It also provided a networking opportunity that is unmatched. Through this trip, I am attempting to intern overseas in Australia in 2012 in large part to the networking I was able to do with Craig. 

At the end of the day Sports Travel Academy conducts these trips for the betterment of the students on the trip. I would recommend Sports Travel Academy to any student wanting to study sport abroad. There is no better option out there. At the start of the trip Craig was just a Program Organizer to me, but by the time we got home, I considered Craig a friend.
---​ Mike Mendolia, Former Student/Currently Seattle Mariner Account Executive - Season Ticket and Suite Sales

One of the best things I could have done
During the summer of 2010 I had the great opportunity to travel with Craig Douglass in his Sports Travel Academy program to Australia. The opportunity was one of the best things I could have done for myself. Being that I am a Sport Management major, this trip has revealed to me international sport and has made me well-rounded, conscious and more prepared for my major and future aspirations. Craig Douglass as our group travel guide was remarkable, I couldn’t ask for anyone else. Craig was very knowledgeable, prepared, helpful and friendly through the whole process. Craig was able to make the trip operate very smoothly, and if there were any mistakes or wrong doings they were so minor that they didn’t even have a chance to negatively affect the trip. This experience went so well for me that this coming summer in 2012 I am in the process of attending another trip led by Craig, but this time to Europe. I recommend the Sports Travel Academy to anyone, not just Sport Management Majors that are interested in seeing the world and being led by a gentleman that will make your experience and travels exceedingly better.
---Travis Hunte – Wingate University, NC (student) 

Craig Douglass is a pro
To put it simply, Craig Douglass is a pro. He does a great job of making sure he learns what faculty and students need, want and desire from a study-abroad program. In addition, Craig is generous with his time and a supporter of innovation and creativity in sport management programs. I endorse Craig wholeheartedly.
---Dr. Richard Southall – Univ of South Carolina & Director of College Sport Research Institute (CSRI)