Sports Travel Academy

Australia & Ireland Academic Director in Sports Medicine

Dr. Jim Mensch is the Athletic Training Program Director at the University of South Carolina. He has led students on study abroad programs to Ireland, Australia, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and China. Dr. Mensch has worked with Sports Travel Academy for over 10 years. In 2020 he was asked to speak at the 16th annual FORUM on Education Abroad Conference and presented on "Creating Faculty Champions: An Education Abroad Certification Series." He is passionate about providing students with international experiences.

Dr. Mensch's research is related to youth sport specialization/injuries and emerging settings in Sports Medicine. He has secured DoD/NIH grant funding, authored a textbook on sports related injuries, has been invited to speak in Asia and Europe, has multiple peer-reviewed publications in Sports Medicine, and was awarded the National Athletic Trainers' Association Service Award in 2017.